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Our Story

C. McGee & Sons Ltd. was founded by Christopher, over 50 years ago. The company is located in the heart of the horticulture production area of Ireland. With 70% of all vegetables produced in North Dublin, and Rush being the main production area, it has been referred to as the ‘Market Garden of Ireland’.


Christopher had the idea that supermarkets and other outlets would prefer to buy their fresh produce direct from the centre of production and have it delivered to their stores on a daily basis.


With this in mind, he made some contacts with various retailers who were more than happy to go with this new idea. It meant that they could spend more time in their stores and didn’t have to get to the Dublin markets early in the morning to secure the best produce - just simply place the order with McGee's and have it delivered.


Setting the Standard


As McGee's are based in the centre of the production area it meant that we knew who the premium growers were. As with all industries there are superior as well as poor producers and horticulture was no different.


Christopher based his new idea around the adage ‘Quality always comes first, no matter the circumstances’ and he drummed it into his sons that the consumer will not buy bad quality twice. This policy is still the backbone of our company today.


From Little Acorns…....


Over the years the business was to grow slowly but steadily. It survived during the recessions; and changes in consumer habits over the years saw it adapt to enable it to continue to survive and be successful.


The Great Oak


 A full range of quality fresh produce is now supplied year-round by McGee's. We take great pride in the quality of our produce, and so we have a large grower base locally. For out of season produce we have a more widespread base, extending to growers in Spain, UK, Holland, Italy & France, to ensure nothing but top quality fresh produce for the Irish market all year through

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